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Onsite mobile welding. Plant and machinery welding repairs.
Excavator bucket welding repairs.
Quarry machinery welding repairs.

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  48 years of welding, engineering and construction experience.
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Deon van Rooyen

Mobile onsite welder - we come to you

Mob: 07745775212
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Mobile onsite plant repairs on an excavator bucket which split open. Working through till nearly nine at night to get the machine up and running again.
This was in a lime quarry near Ely for A&C Freeman Ltd.

Below, showing a very badly worn excavator bucket which I was asked to repair for M.V. Kelly.
The end results turned out really well.

Excavator bucket blade replacement and repairs

I used the old blade after cutting it off to strengthen the worn and split area on the bucket

Excavator on site welding repairs. Blade replacement

Turned out really well in the end.

Mobile on site plant welding repair services

Mobile onsite excavator bucket welding repair

Road side trailer breakdown welding repairs

Roadside call out trailer welding breakdown repair

This repair was to weld the fifth wheel locking pin back in place. The plate had torn its way apart from the chassis and was floating around. I managed to get it on the road again to get the chilled products to their destination.

Roadside trailer callout welding repairs

Repairs to a grab for Cambridge Metal Recycling Ltd. in Cambridge. It was repaired before and didn't last very long. 8 months down the line now, and still working perfectly.

Plant and machinery mobile onsite welding repairs

Metal/Steel repairs, modifications, alterations, construction, fabrication, water pipe welding, gas pipe welding....
Specialising in aluminium, stainless steel and wrought iron repairs/fabrication in
Cambridge, London, Luton, Huntingdon, Royston, Baldock, Bedford, Stevenage, Bishop's Stortford, Harlow, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia. 

Aluminium Welder London        

Qualified Coded Welder - Pipe and Structural Coded Welder

Onsite mobile coded welder in and around
London and surrounding areas.

Mobile onsite coded welder, welding aluminium, stainless steel,....all metals

Coded structural welder, coded pipe welder, coded water pipe welder, coded gas pipe welder, coded oil pipe welder. Aluminium onsite welder. Motor cycle aluminium welding repairs. Bicycle aluminium welding repairs. Stainless steel onsite welding. Mobile onsite cast iron welder. On site plant and machinery welding repairs. Aluminium mobile thread repair services.

Working in an 40 mile radius from Cambridge, covering London and surrounding areas. I have worked as a sub contractor for numerous construction companies in and around London.

Experienced, proficient coded on site mobile welder. I have over 48 years of welding experience (I started back in 1972 at technical college learning the basics of arc welding) working on construction sites erecting/welding steel structures, to basic welding work. I have all the latest inverter technology welding equipment from MIG and TIG welders to arc/stick welder (dual voltage 110 - 240 volt machines to comply with health and safety regulations on building sites) to oxy acetylene cutting torch. I also have a current IPAF or PAL - Powered Access License. Types; 3a 3b. (Cherry picker operator license.) I have full public liability insurance cover. See proof and details of cover below. I am based just outside Cambridge but work mostly in London. I cover other surrounding locations within an 80 mile radius from Cambridge.

48 years of welding, engineering and construction experience.
Reliable and friendly, mobile onsite coded welding services
in London and surrounding areas.

I cover a wide range working within an 40 mile radius of London offering my mobile onsite coded welding services in areas such as Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and in towns/cities such as, Royston, Bedford, Milton Keynes, St Noets, Stevenage, St Albans, Luton, North London, West London, East London, Staines and numerous other towns/cities not mentioned.

TIG and Arc/MMA welding, Stick welding -
mobile on site welder service.

Contact: Deon van Rooyen
Tel:  0333 666 3213
Mob: 07745 775 212

Prompt, Accurate, Affordable & Friendly Welding Service.

I have worked closely with Durkan Construction site managers on various construction sites in and around London solving a wide range of problems. Because of my extensive engineering background over the years I apply my experience in the construction industry to solve various problems.

Deon van Rooyen (owner) has been involved in the construction and engineering industry since 1979 offering a wide range of Construction & Engineering Solutions - Welding experience since 1972. Stainless steel, aluminium & general welding.

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 Aluminium welding services Cambridge and London

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Mobile onsite coded welding services London, Cambridge, Bedford and surounding areas

Mobile onsite coded welder

Mobile welding companies. Mobile welders near me. Metal Welding Services. Mobile Aluminum Welding

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Coded Welder. Excavator bucket mobile on site welding repairs

Mobile on site plant and machinery welding repairs

Aluminium welding companies. Aluminium mobile welders near me. Aluminium welding repairs. Mobile Aluminum Welding

Aluminium welding repairs to almost anything. From Bicyles to motor cycles - Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini .. Aluminium mobile welders near me. Mobile Aluminum Welding

Deon van Rooyen

24 Gastein Road, Hammersmith, W68LU, London

Tel: 0333 666 3213
Mob: 07745775212


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Coded mobile onsite structural welder  

Coded mobile onsite structural welder
Cranked Beam on site welding

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Deon van Rooyen

Qualified welder training through City & Guilds welding training

Award in Welding Skills
Qualified Welder

Mobile Onsite welding services welding aluminium, stainless steel.....all metal welding services

Cracked Bike Frame - mobile welding services, coving a 20 mile radius from Hammersmith, London
no traveling feesTraveling fees added, if further than 20 miles from Hammersmith, W68LU

Covering areas around UK:
London, West London,
North London, Luton, Baldock, Stevenage, Bishop's Stortford, Cambridge, Harlow .....

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24 Gastein Road, Hammersmith, W68LU, London, UK

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