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Welding Classes near me. Welding School near me. Welding for beginners. Learn to Weld.


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"Learn how to Weld Proficiently, in 1 Day!"
Online HD Video welding classes
Stick welding for beginners
MIG welding for beginners

Deon has been welding since 1972 (over 48 years of experience) and teaching welding classes since 2011.
This is not only aimed as a beginner welding course
but covers advanced welding techniques too.
See detailed list below. 

MIG welding classes.
Arc - MMA - Stick welding classes.

TIG Aluminium welding classes.
TIG stainless steel welding classes.

Welding classes perfectly suited for Learn to Weld and Welding for Beginners, or if you want to brush up your welding skills before going to welding school to persue a welding qualification.

Deon van Rooyen
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These welding courses will put you way ahead of everyone else. You could even skip Level 1 classes,
which is what a lot of our students have done.

Welding classes-Welding School-Welding for beginners-Learn to weld- welding instructor


Deon van Rooyen's
Learn how to Weld in 1 Day Welding Classes

Deon has over 34 years of welding, engineering and construction experience.
He is a coded mobile onsite welder in London. Click on the Home button on this website to see the wide veriety of experience Deon has which he will pass on to you in the one-on-one welding classes.
He shows you how I apply his engineering skills to gain maximum strength in welds and how to avoid undercut in welds which causes weakness in the material and failure on inspections.

Learn to Weld. Welding school near me, Welding Careers. Welding Classes, Welding test, welding colleges, welding courses near me, welding programs near me, welding training near me

Welding Classes near me. Welding School near me. Welding for beginners. Learn to Weld.

Learning to weld proficiently is a lot easier than you might think, especially if you are guided and shown all the simple and easy steps.

Like everything in life. Remember learning to drive when you had to co-ordinate your feet, stear the car, then use the indicators, keep inside the lane, watch other cars ….. Now you drive along on auto-pilot not having to think of what you are doing and use your mobile phone too.

Deon achieves remarkably good results with all his students, in just 1 Day.
Some who have never welded in their lives before.

Explained further down, the reason why it would benefit you considerably, to take these 1 Day welding classes before attending a welding school, especially if you intend persuing welding career as your future. You will learn more in 1 day with Deon's welding for beginners welding courses compared to going to a welding school.
Having the welding program notes to refer back to. Loads of tips and tricks to make it SO much easier for you to learn everything in the Learn to Weld in 1 day welding programs

Deon was approached by Vauxhaul after sale department in Luton back in 1993 to train 2 of their students.
He was asked to train them, in 1 Day?? They had little to no experience.
Deon honestly did not expect the results he achieved from them, in his 1 day learn to weld welding course.
Years down the line we have improved these welding classes and praised some students one day saying how amazing and how quick they picked up on the welding training.
Their reply was;
It's because of the way the welding programs have been layed out and the detailed explanations explaining cause and effect applying the welding techniques.
The welding training explains in considerable detail, cause and effect, and how to achieve perfect welding results in the morning of the training courses.

Then hands-on welding training in the workshop in the afternoon. Deon stands right next to you while talking you throught the subtle but specific techniques explaining the movements until you are comfortable to continue on your own.
He even goes as far as, while you are welding, if he sees you just not getting the movements 100% correct, he will hold your hands and guide you until you get used to the specific techniques/movements.
This is called the hands-on approach. Sorry, silly joke :-)

What we cover in the 1 Day welding classes   

We could add addtional students on the welding classes course if you have more to train. I don't like going over 4 at a time which makes it very affordable.

Everything below will be in your notes to refer back to:
Each part below will be explained in detail in the morning
so that you get a full understanding of all the welding principals and techniques.
Fully understanding what to do first, is the reason for Deon's success rate with his students

Don't be overwhelmed by how much information there is to get through.
Plenty of time

  • How to weld on a flat surface. Basic welding in a straight line.
  • How to; vertical down welding technique with amazing results. ARK & MIG.
  • How to; vertical up welding technique. Zig Zag, but using a specific technique to get fantastic results and loads of penetration which adds tremendous strength to the welds. ARK & MIG.
  • How to; vertical up welding technique. Using a technique called triangle, or the christmas tree method, but using a specific technique to achieve perfect weld penetration for maximum strength. ARK & MIG.
  • How to; upside down welding technique. Using a specific technique to achieve outstanding looking welds which look like they have been welded on a flat surface on a work bench. ARK & MIG.
    Deon was pleasantly surprised when he taught a group of my welding students, men and women, and asked, who wants to learn how to weld upside down. The women stepped forward first. They did remarkably well. Deon was very proud of their results and approach. 
  • Material preparation. ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • How to weld thin material. ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • Dissimilar material thickness welding techniques. ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • Dissimilar material welding techniques.
    Different types of materials welded together. ARK.
  • How to weld cast iron. Different methods. TIG and ARC cast iron welding techniques.
  • TIG Brazing techniques.
  • When to use a push weld or a pull weld and what the difference is. ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • Explaining what a butt weld is. A "T" fillet weld. An overlap weld .....  ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • Understanding what a 6, 10, 15mm fillet weld is. ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • How to avoid undercut in a weld. ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • How to fix undercut in a weld. ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • How to avoid and overcome material distortion while welding. How to counteract distortion in a weld.
    ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • Knowing when to use different thickness welding rods for different applications and amperage settings. ARK welding only.
  • You will be shown how to achieve welds which will be stronger than the material itself.
    In other words. The material will bend but your weld will not break. This is where Deon applies his engineering experience to achieve welds stronger than the material.
    Deon has been welding aluminium bicycle frames for over 10 years now (since 2010) with no comebacks because he makes sure the aluminium welds are stronger than the original welds.
    This applies to any welding.

Welding Classes near me. Welding School near me. Welding for beginners. Learn to Weld.

Once completing these welding classes you will be more competent than most students completing Level 2 welding classes at welding school.
Practice what Deon shows and teaches you and refer back to your welding training notes.
Easy, when you are shown how

Welding Classes - Welding School - Welding Careers - Learn to Weld - Welding for beginners

We get you started by welding in a straight line to get you familiar with the feel of the welding first.




This is not just a random statement. Deon has first hand experience going to welding school to get his qualifications. He was surprised at the lack of assistance and support. He was an experienced welder so it didn't matter much to him. All he needed was his welding qualifications. But it's sad for those who go there to learn and don't get much support and experience at all.
Deon has spoken to many people who were disappointed. That's what gave Deon the inspiration to help those who want to learn from someone experienced. Learn to weld is relatively easy, if you are guided. Deon will teach you how to become a welder in a very short time and how to learn quickly and easily. 

Deon explains in detail in his welding classes the cause and effect using the specific welding techniques he has developed over the years to achieve amazing results.
Easy, when you are shown how.

Feedback/Review from my welding classes from
Vauxhall after sales in Luton:

Good Morning Deon

Thank you very much for the training you carried out on site here yesterday, I have had nothing but praise heeped on you from the two trainees.

I have passed your details onto another site that is setting up a roll cage repair area, so hopefully there is more work for you. The site that is setting up is Mobis and that is at Tamworth in Staffs.

Roger Woodfield
Operational Trainer
Vauxhall Aftersales

Norbert Dentressangle


See more reviews on our Google My Business page.

The welding classes are split up into 3 sections:
1. MIG and ARK welding classes are combined because the principals are very similar.
2. TIG Aluminium welding classes
3. TIG stainless steel welding classes

Welding Certification:

We do not offer welding certification but signing on to these welding classes will most certainly set you way ahead of everyone else which will definately help you achieve your welding certification qualifications.
These welding classes will save you months of learning time. A short-cut and faster way to learn to weld proficiently.

Deon's techniques are really easy to follow. Very logical once you understand the method behind his welding pricipals and techniques, but they make SUCH a difference to the welding results. Making it SO much easier for his students.
That's why Deon achieves such a high success rate in such a short timespan.  

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Below showing what's called, cranked beam welding

Welding Classes near me. Welding School near me. Welding for beginners. Learn to Weld.

You need to be confident, competent and a coded welder to undertake cranked beam welding projects. 

This cranked beam welding example is one of many types of welding projects Deon is asked to undertake. There are many welders who will not take on the responcibility of this kind of structural welding because the entire 2 story building above is resting on this single cranked beam for support. You need to know it has been done correctly. 

Deon has devised additional safety measures of his own to ensure the safety when welding cranked beams. Not specified by engineers or architecks.

Take a shortcut and discover
"How to become a welder" in 1 Day

Learn from someone who will show you all
the tips & tricks of the trade,
saving you months of welding training.


You will be taught to weld proficiently. Better welding training than you will get from a welding school because, Deon van Rooyen who is a highly skilled coded welder in London has first hand on site welding experience .

It is highly recommended to attend these welding classes if you are looking at welding careers as your future.

With a little practice after the welding classes you should easily be able to skip Level 1 and go straight to Level 2 with the knowledge gained from the welding training. That will save you the cost and valuable time of doing Level 1.
The welding courses material will benefit you right through and help you with your welding test to become a coded welder. 

Structural welding which has failed inspection by building inspectors

From time to Welding classes near me - welding school near me - welding careerstime Deon is called out to construction sites to repair and re-weld structural welding which building inspectors have failed.

Plus being called out on a few occasions to re-weld failed welding inside lift shafts in central London.

Standing on top of the lift with all his equipment while it was controlled remotely and being taken up to the 17th floor to strengthen the welding on the head gear.

A looong way down.


Before welding classes begin, you will need to be shown how to set up your MIG, TIG welding machine.

MIG welding:
Setting up the ratio of wire feed-rate, versus amperage setting on the welding machine based on the thickness of the material you are planning to weld.
TIG welding:
Deon will show and explain the setting on the machine before starting the TIG welding training.
The settings are different for Aluminium TIG welding and TIG stainless steel welding.
You will be shown how to weld, grind and polish stainless steel components so that you can't see where it has been welded. Like stainless steel hand rail welding, grinding and polishing. 
ARK welding is pretty straight forward. No settings other than the amperage. Although, ARK welding is more difficult than MIG welding but really usefull and practical for on site construction applications.

The optimum argon gas flow rate is usually set at 8L/m. (8 liters per minutes)
Always remember not to weld in windy conditions where the Argon gas will be blown away from the area to be welded.
The gas flowing out of the torch nozzle is the shield against oxidation while welding is in progress. The gas pushes the oxygen (air) out the way.

MIG & TIG welding:
If there is not sufficient Argon gas, the weld will end up pitted and full of perforations, (like an Aero chocolate) weakening the welded area. It is important to constantly check the welding torch nozzle (MIG) to ensure the welding splatter is cleared out at regular intervals to ensure a good gas flow rate at all times.

Preparation of your material is very important

Welding Classes near me. Welding School near me. Welding for beginners. Learn to Weld.  These are examples of different ways material preparation is done depending on the application and the thickness of the material to be welded.






Deon covers a wide range working within a 25 mile radius of London up to Cambridge and Bedford. Offering his mobile onsite welding training services in areas such as Cambridgeshire to Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and in towns/cities such as Cambridge to Huntingdon, Royston, Bedford, Milton Keynes, St Noets, St Ives, Stevenage, St Albans, Luton, Baldock, Harlow, Staines and numerous others not mentioned.

(one-on-one) Welding Classes

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Learn how to weld. Welding for beginners.
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Learn to weld proficiently, in just 1 Day.

Learn how to weld. Welding for beginners.
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