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Onsite mobile stainless steel welder, London, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas

Industrial - Commercial - Agricultural welding services
Metal/Steel repairs, modifications, alterations,
construction works, plant and equipment repairs, coded structural welding, coded water pipe welding, coded gas pipe welding ....
Specialising in
aluminium welding, stainless steel and cast iron repairs in
Cambridge, London, Luton, Huntingdon, Royston, Baldock, Bedford, Stevenage, Bishop's Stortford, Harlow, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia. 

Aluminium Welder London

34 years of welding, engineering and construction experience

Experienced, proficient,
onsite mobile welder.

Solving all your
welding problems

Deon van Rooyen

Coded Welder

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Mobile on site coded welding services. Structural, aluminium, stainless steel ...

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I very seldom go out to a client to look at their welding requirements.
My approach to work is
"nothing is a problem"

Mobile onsite stainless steel hand rail welder in London

Stainless steel hand rail welding

316 stainess steel hand rail on site welder

mobile onsite 316 stainless steel welding services UK

On site mobile stainless steel hand rail welding services London

Repairs to a stainless steel hand rail
at a school in London

Mobile stainless steel welder

mobile onsite 316 stainless steel welding services

Mobile Onsite 316 Stainless Steel Welding Services

These stainless steel trollies are used in a salmon smoking fish factory. They carry over 600kg of salmon when they are loaded into the oven. I was called in to rebuild and strengthen about 12 of them. Hence the lorry strap shown above to get them straightened and squared up again before welding. I used 316 stainless steel welding rods because all stainless steel in the food industry must be 316 stainless steel. I used stick welding which was a little tricky in that the material was 1.6mm thick in some places. It would have been better to use a MIG welder in this application but the client, in London, supplied the welding rods. 


34 years of welding experience
Reliable and friendly, mobile onsite welding services
in Cambridgeshire and London areas

Mobile onsite excavator bucket repair in a lime quarry near Ely

Mobile onsite metal water and gas pipe welder services

Mobile Onsite welding services welding aluminium, stainless steel.....all metal welding services

Mobile onsite aluminium welding. Smooth edge aluminium welding technique

Above showing a smooth aluminium edge welding technique.
This was a vertical up aluminium weld, or vertical down aluminium weld. This welding technique works just as well in either direction.

Aluminium Welding

by Deon van Rooyen
Mobile onsite welder, welding aluminium, stainless steel,....all metals
34 years of welding, engineering and construction experience

Mobile onsite welding in Cambridge

Above shows some mobile onsite welding work I did for on a Willmott Dixon construction site for West Cambridge Campus.

Mobile onsite welding. Vertical up welding using a triangle-Christmas tree technique

This is an example of a vertical up MIG weld using a triangle - Christmas tree technique. 15mm fillet weld in one run, while still ensuring full penetration.

Onsite Mag Drill Services

Mobile onsite Mag Drilling Services


Mobile Onsite Welder Health & Safety card

Mobile Onsite Welder
Health & Safety card


Method Statement
template supplied.
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Deon van Rooyen

Qualified welder training through City & Guilds welding training

Award in Welding Skills
Qualified Welder


Mobile onsite welder in Cambridgeshire and London


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All our welding equipment is dual voltage 110 - 240v to comply with construction site health and safety regulations and standards.

Light weight dual voltage 110 - 240v TIG welding machine

This is one of our light weight, dual voltage, latest inverter technology TIG welding machines to weld thin steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Using the correct machine for each welding application

We carry 3 different types of dual voltage welding machines with us at all times.

  • MIG welding machine
  • TIG welding machine
  • Stick/ARC welding machine

Plus gas welding and cutting facilities.
The reason for having a variety of machines available is to achieve the best results.
Each welding application is different and requires a different approach/welding machine and technique to solve the problem. 


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Mobile onsite coded welding services London, Cambridge, Bedford and surounding areas

Mobile onsite coded welder

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Coded Welder. Excavator bucket mobile on site welding repairs

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Aluminium mobile onsite welding and fabrication services

Aluminium mobile onsite welding and fabrication services


Deon van Rooyen
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Mob: 07745775212
Tel: 0333 666 3213

Coded mobile onsite structural welder  

Coded mobile onsite structural welder
Cranked Beam on site welding

Cracked Bike Frame - mobile welding services, coving a 55 mile radius from Hammersmith, London
no traveling feesTraveling fees added, if further than 55 miles from Hammersmith, W68LU

Covering areas around UK:
Cambridge, London, West London,
North London, South London, Luton, Baldock, Stevenage, Bishop's Stortford, Harlow .....

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