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Welding for Beginners
MIG Welding for Beginners
Stick Welding for Beginners
Arc Welding for Beginners





Welding for Beginners.
Clear HD video footage, to help
understand the welding techniques.






"Learn how to Weld Proficiently, in 1 Day!"
Online HD Video welding classes
Stick welding for beginners
MIG welding for beginners

Over 48 years of welding experience, plus teaching
one-on-one, 1 Day welding classes since 2011, achieving outstanding welding for beginners results
, in just 1 Day.
Some, who have never welded in their lives before.
That's why we call our welding classes.


We offer a combined, 2-in-1, Stick welding for beginners and MIG welding for beginners online welding classes. The two welding methods share a lot of similarities, so we thought to combine them into our welding classes. 

We found, but not surprised, after releasing our welding classes training video courses, we experiencing better results, compared to our one-on-one welding classes.

We laided out the video welding classes into many short video sections, making it really easy to refer back to. Instead of combing through long videos to find a specific section to want to bush up on.  


We decided on our 10th year of welding classes training anniversary, 2011 - 2021, to take all our combined experience over the past years, to create an online HD video welding classes training course to teach, stick welding for beginners and MIG welding for beginners.

We found a top of the range camera and adapted a lense filter, plus integrated special software, to cope with the extremely bright light coming from the arc welding.
Showing every move of the molten, liquid metal puddle, in perfect clarity, while explaining each welding step and technique in detail in our video welding classes training. 

Making it so easy to follow, comprehend and understand.


Photo showing an example of a quality Arc weld, which is the standard we achieve from our students, in just 1 day, in our welding for beginners welding classes.



This is a sample of Dean Smith's virtical down welding results on his 1 Day MIG welding course with us. Also showing the perfect through penetration on the inside of the 1.6mm material.


Dean created is own niche in the market in Borehamwood, North London, repairing cars with corroded body panels. Building them back up to perfection. Dean was a lorry driver before and changed direction in his carreer and loving it. Dean does car frame welding too.
We keeping Dean busy by send all our enquiries for auto body welder repairs to him now. Mobile number: 07983377146



This is the result of one of our students on our TIG Stainless Steel welding course in 1 Day. Really impressive. So satisfying to see these kind of results. 


You are the creator of your own reality.
In other words
Opportunities don't just happen,
You need to create them.



The most comprehensive, detailed, and in-depth 

welding classes training course on the internet. Walking you through every step, with clearly illustrated and detailed HD videos. Explaining and guiding you through the welding techniques.
In-depth detail, covering all the different techniques, angles, weld penetration, and many other important aspects of welding for beginners training.




These welding classes will save you
months of learning time.
An easy short-cut.
A much faster way to
learn how to weld proficiently.
Specifically aimed at;

MIG Welding for beginners
Arc welding for beginners
MIG welding for beginners. Arc welding for beginners

Arc welding sketch

Learn how to Weld in 1 Day


The creator of these welding classes is Deon van Rooyen, a Fully Qualified Coded Mobile Welder. With over 48 years of welding experience since 1972. 

As-well-as a Qualified Diesel Mechanic with experience in engineering, auto engineering, plastic injection mould tool making, construction, and mass production of conveyor equipment for the coal mining industry in South Africa. 



See website: http://www.AllMetalWeldingServices.co.uk

to see the variety of work undertaken. 

Welding for Beginners




Comments and references made in our welding classes, and presentations, are based on experiences in the United Kingdom, and may well be slightly different in other countries around the world relating to MIG welding for beginners and Arc welding for beginners. 



See the contents of what to expect in this, Arc welding for beginners and MIG welding for beginners video welding classes training course:


Course Content:

2. Arc Eys - H&S

3. Stick welding vs Mig welding
4. Shielding Gas
5. Best Beginner Welder
Best Welders.
7. MIG and Arc Setup.
8. How to get perfect looking welds.

  • Basic understanding of Arc welding for beginners and MIG
    welding for beginners, and their differences. 
  • * Understanding the importance of Arc welding rod, or MIG torch welding angles
  • The basics of Learn How to Weld, explained.
  • Which welding machine to buy, and where to buy from. This applies to anywhere in the world.

  • DO NOT buy a welding machine, until you have followed this
    welding classes course. Having the correct equipment, will
    make it considerably easier for you. This is the perfect
    welding for beginners guide to becoming a proficient welder,
    in no time.
  • Material preparation.
  • What amperage to set your machine at, for different
  • Which size welding rods to use and when. Arc welding.
  • What diametre MIG wire to use for different applications.
  • What gas to use for MIG welding.
  • We DO NOT recomment using gasless MIG wire.
    may just as well buy an Arc welding machine then.
  • How to replace the welding wire real on your MIG machine.
  • How to setup the wire feed to amperage ratio settings. MIG.
  • Using cheap and inferrior welding rods, will make it very difficult for you to achieve good welding results.
  • * How to get pefectly smooth, uniform looking welds.
  • Horizontal welding techniques. 
  • * How to weld thin material. 
  • How to weld on a flat surface.


  • Basic welding in a straight line.
  • * How to; vertical down welding technique with amazing results. ARK & MIG.
  • How to; vertical up welding technique. Zig Zag, but using a specific technique to get fantastic results and loads of penetration which adds tremendous strength to the welds. ARK & MIG.
  • * How to; vertical up welding technique. Using a technique called triangle, or the christmas tree method, but using a specific technique to achieve perfect weld penetration for maximum strength. ARK & MIG.
  • * How to; upside down welding technique. Using a specific technique to achieve outstanding looking welds which look like they have been welded on a flat surface on a work bench. ARK & MIG.

    Deon was pleasantly surprised when he taught a group of his welding students, men and women, and asked, who wants to learn how to weld upside down. The women stepped forward first. They did remarkably well. Deon was very proud of their results and approach.
  • Material preparation. ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • * Dissimilar material thickness welding techniques. ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • * Dissimilar material welding techniques.
    Different types of materials welded together. ARK.
  • * How to weld cast iron. Different methods. TIG and ARC cast iron welding techniques.
  • * TIG Brazing techniques.
  • * When to use a push weld or a pull weld and what the difference is. ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • Explaining what a butt weld is. A "T" fillet weld. An overlap weld .....  ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • * Understanding what a 6, 10, 15mm fillet weld is. ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • * How to avoid undercut in a weld. ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • * How to fix undercut in a weld. ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • * How to avoid and overcome material distortion while welding. How to counteract distortion in a weld.
    ARK, TIG & MIG.
  • Knowing when to use different thickness welding rods for different applications and amperage settings. ARK welding only.
  • * You will be shown how to achieve welds which will be stronger than the material itself.
    In other words. The material will bend but your weld will not break. This is where Deon applies his engineering experience to achieve welds stronger than the material.
    Deon has been welding aluminium bicycle frames for over 10 years now (since 2010) with no comebacks because he makes sure the aluminium welds are stronger than the original welds.
    This applies to any welding.

    * Indicates all the topics in the advanced welding


  ADDED BONUSES:  Worth over $100 US, on their own. 

  • How to use a tape measure, to get your workpiece
  • How to grind a bolt at specific angles to clean up damaged threads, if you don't have a tap.
  • How to make your own easy, but highly effective
    straightening tool.
  • Using Fibonacci ratios to get your workpiece square.
  • Preventing extension leads from overheating and burning out. 
  • How to wind up extension leads, to prevent them from curling up when unwinding. 
  • How to prevent an angle grinder from snapping back at you when cutting. Understanding the reason behind it.
  • How to get rid of bitumen, paint, grease or whatever dirt you have stuck on your hands, car or equipment.
  • How to sharpen a drill bit, even using an angle grinder. 


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To sum everything up. 

You have the means to learn to weld proficiently,
in just 1 Day. 

By carefully and methodically following all the instructions in this comprehensive, in-depth video welding course. We show and guide you through every step, to potentially become a proficient welder, in one day.


Plus, we show you how to easily promote this amazing course to get your money back, plus earn an income from the sales. 

No selling involved. 

Just place your free affiliate link for people to click on.
It's that simple.


Discover all the information needed to become a
proficient welder in our
Weldin1Day course.
Introductory price offer for only $297
That's 50% off the original price.

We had our minds set on $594 for the long months
of hard work structuring this valuable
and useful information together.


Price increase to $594
once the offer is over.


You are welcome to leave your details to contact you
once the course is completed.



Learn how to weld proficiently, in 1 Day!

The next lot of informaton forms part of the
Online Video Welding for Beginners Training Course.


2. Arc Eys - H&S

3. Stick welding vs Mig welding
4. Shielding Gas
5. Best Beginner Welder
Best Welders
7. MIG and Arc Setup
8. How to get perfect looking welds.

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Learn how to weld. Welding for beginners.

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Learn how to weld. Welding for beginners.

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