Mobile on site welding services London and Cambridgeshire

Coded Mobile Onsite Welding Services

Mobile on site aluminium welder

Onsite mobile coded welder, London and surrounding areas

Mobile on site welding services, coving a 55 mile radius from Staines (Heathrow) London
no traveling feesTraveling fees added, if further than 55 miles from Heathrow

Structural Steel Fabrication in London    -

Agricultural Welder-Industrial Welder-Commercial Welder-Construction Welder

Mobile onsite coded welder UK

Structural and pipe coded welding services. Metal/Steel repairs, modifications, alterations, construction works, plant and equipment repairs, structural coded welding, water pipe coded welding, gas pipe welding, Mag Drilling

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Aluminium car welding repairs
Aluminium Bicycle Frame Welding Repair
Aluminium motorcycle engine casing weld repair

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:00am - 4:30pm

Oil pipe welding - Gas pipe welding - Water pipe welding - Steam pipe welding

34 years of welding, engineering and construction experience

Experienced, proficient,
onsite mobile welder.

Solving all your
welding problems

Deon van Rooyen

Coded Welder

T's & C's

Mobile on site coded welding services. Structural, aluminium, stainless steel ...

Mob: 07745775212
  Tel: 0333 666 3213

I very seldom go out to a client to look at their welding requirements.
My approach to work is
"nothing is a problem"

The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a bit longer

Stainless steel hand rail welding

Classic race car on site welding

Classic race car on site welding

Motorcycle aluminium accident welding repairs

Mobile aluminium car welding

Ferrari mobile aluminium welding

Car aluminium welding repairs

Car aluminium welding repairs

I have welded a number of Ferrari's, Porsche's, Audi R8, Mercedes, BMW... 

<-- Motorcycle aluminium accident welding repairs

Aluminium Welder London

Specialising in aluminium welding,

Mobile, on site Stainless steel kitchen sink welding repairs

Mobile on site stainless steel kitchen sink welding repairs






stainless steel welding services

Qualified Coded Welder - Pipe and Structural Coded Welder

Onsite mobile coded welder,
London, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas

Mobile onsite coded welder, welding aluminium, stainless steel,....all metals

I offer a mobile on-site coded welding service.

Coded structural welder, coded pipe welder, coded water pipe welder, coded gas pipe welder, coded oil pipe welder. Aluminium onsite welder. Motor cycle aluminium welding repairs. Bicycle aluminium welding repairs. Stainless steel onsite welding. Mobile onsite cast iron welder. On site plant and machinery welding repairs. Aluminium mobile thread repair services.

Working in an 80 mile radius from Cambridge, covering London and surrounding areas. I have worked as a sub contractor for numerous construction companies in and around London and Cambridgeshire areas.

Experienced, proficient coded on site mobile welder. I have over 34 years of welding experience (I started back in 1972 at technical college learning the basics of arc welding) working on construction sites erecting/welding steel structures, to basic welding work. I have all the latest inverter technology welding equipment from MIG and TIG welders to arc/stick welder (dual voltage 110 - 240 volt machines to comply with health and safety regulations on building sites) to oxy acetylene cutting torch. I also have a current IPAF or PAL - Powered Access License. Types; 3a 3b. (Cherry picker operator license.) I have full public liability insurance cover. See proof and details of cover below. I am based just outside Cambridge but work mostly in London. I cover other surrounding locations within an 80 mile radius from Cambridge.

34 years of welding, engineering and construction experience
Reliable and friendly, mobile onsite coded welding services
in Cambridge and London surrounding areas

I cover a wide range working within an 80 mile radius of Cambridge offering my mobile onsite coded welding services in areas such as Cambridgeshire to Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and in towns/cities such as Cambridge to Huntingdon, Royston, Bury St Edmunds, Bedford, Peterborough, Milton Keynes, St Noets, St Ives, Stevenage, St Albans, Luton, North London, West London, East London, Staines, Ipswich, Norwich and numerous other towns/cities not mentioned.

MIG, TIG and Arc/MMA welding, Stick welding -
mobile on site welder service

Oxy acetylene cutting services in Cambridge

Plasma Cutting Services working in Cambridge, London
and surrounding areas

Contact: Deon van Rooyen
0333 666 3213
Mob: 07745 775 212

Prompt, Accurate, Affordable & Friendly Welding Service

Mobile onsite coded welding insurance

Higos Insurance Services Ltd - Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability : £2,000,000

Insurance cover under -
Deon van Rooyen t/a
All Metal Welding Services

We have full public liability insurance cover

The importance of using a company with the correct insurance cover.

Policy no. 10771543

I have worked closely with Durkan Construction site managers on various construction sites in and around London solving a wide range of problems. Because of my extensive engineering background over the years I apply my experience in the construction industry to solve various problems.

All forms of metal work, welding and engineering undertaken

  • Aluminium on site welding and fabrication

    Mobile on site welder in Cambridge and London

  • Bespoke aluminium onsite gutter fabrication
  • Mobile On-site Coded Welding Services

  • Mobile on site coded welder

  • Aluminium motorcycle welding repairs
  • Oxy acetylene cutting facilities
  • Onsite Plasma cutting facilities. 15mm mild steel and 10mm stainless steel cutting capability

Our company is based in Cambridge but the majority of our work is undertaken in and around London.

Mobile on site coded welder

All our welding equipment items are dual voltage 110 - 240v to comply with construction site health and safety regulations and standards.

Light weight dual voltage 110 - 240v TIG welding machine

This is one of our light weight, dual voltage, latest inverter technology TIG welding machines to weld thin steel, aluminium and stainless steel as-well-as TIG brasing.

Using the correct machine for each welding application

We carry 3 different types of dual voltage welding machines with us at all times, including a portable welder/generator in the event of not having electricity on site.

  • MIG welding machine
  • TIG welding machine
  • Stick/ARC/MMA welding machine


Oxy acetylene cutting and Dual voltage plasma cutter

The reason for having a variety of machines available is to achieve the best results. Each welding application is different and requires a different approach/welding machine and technique to solve the problem.

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Qualified Coded Welder
*Pipe and Structural
*Coded Welder Cert
*Company Details +
*Risk Assessment / Method Statement Temp

Mobile on site structural coded welder london
Coded pipe and structural
ARC welder

Level 2 coded welder

Welding Test (BESCA)
Consisting of;
Horizontal/Vertical weld joint in 4" low carbon pipe.
Vertical weld joint in 4" low carbon pipe.

(This test/certificate covers me for all horizontal, vertical and upside down welding coded certifications, including pipe welding)

Test weld joints to
British Standard BS 4872

Below, showing a London university structural coded staircase welding repair. Called in to redo a weld which failed inspection.

London university structural coded staircase welding repair

Below showing boiler tube welding repairs, London Museum

Mobile onsite boiler tube coded pipe welder repairs

Below shows working on a new lift shaft on a Mace Construction site in London. Working with Kone Construction. Welding all the struts to ensure nothing moves.
Mobile onsite coded structural welder London

Mobile onsite excavator bucket repair in a lime quarry near Ely

Plant and equipment
welding repairs

Mobile coded onsite welding services London
Mobile coded onsite
structural welder

Aluminium motorcycle engine casing weld repair
Aluminium motorcycle engine casing weld repair

Cracked aluminium bike welding repair
Cracked aluminium bike frame welding repair