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Small business
for sale near me

Mobile on site aluminium welder

Business for sale near me

Mobile welding business for sale near me

London to Cambridge areas

Extremely lucrative, very easy to run business.
Training included. I teach welding so could help you there too.

Ideal for 2 people to buy the mobile welding business together. Plenty of work.  Established customers. Well established since 2003. Highly successful mobile welding business for sale covering London, Cambridge and surounding areas. Owner retiring.

Constantly fully booked

NOTE: The website can easily be optomised to appear on first page Google in your area.

Mobile Onsite Welding Business For Sale Near Me, London Uk

Very easy to run. Loads of expansion to grow the business.
Training available, if need be.

The website is on first page Google for selected search phrases I found which work best

With over 17 years in the welding construction industry in the UK and an ever growing customer base I am now giving away excess work to other companies on a regular basis every week, presenting a rare opportunity for two people to buy this business together or to employ, outsource the work creating extra revenue with both parties or employees being kept busy full time right away due to excess work constantly available.


Ideal business for South Africans to buy in England


I used to be based in Cambridge for over 15 years but found 90% of my work was in London, hence why I decided to move to Hammersmith, London, to reduce my travelling.
I still cover out of the way areas from time to time such as Bristol, Cambridge and as far as Leads, but there I go to Drax power station to work on welding oil pipes for their transformers every year. Sounds far away but I stay up there for a week at a time in a B&B, which they pay for plus travelling expenses. All-in-all the travelling actually works out far less because the B&B is only a 10 minute drive from
the power station. Easy laid back work and a nice bunch of guys to work with.


Welding Leads and Calls

I do my own SEO (Search Engine Opimisation) to get my webiste on first page Google which was key to getting my business well established in the beginning. 
I used to rely on my website being right at the top of first page Google to generate leads/calls for business but I haven't worked on keeping my website at the top of the page for over 6 years now and still get loads of calls and emails every day.

I have over 300 customers on my list. Really nice to have regular customers calling you up for your services.

SEO Update

I have just started working on my website again to get it more mobile friendly and to update a number of web pages.

This is an amazing business. I will miss it once I've sold it. I enjoy my work every day doing something different. Meeting different people. Fun business to run.

If I look at the breakdown of my customers I'd say about 80% of my customers are regular good paying customers now. Hence why I give away so much of my work to other customers because I just can't keep up with the work enquiries I get every day. Tough life :-)  My daughter said to me the other day, dad, stop complaining because your business is so successful. Funny. Nice problem to have.


Reason for my welding business for sale in london uk

I am semi retiring. I have a number of internet businesses I want to start pushing and need the time to work on them. Plus, I have just had magor surgery on my knees.
Total stainless steel knee replacement. Great success.


Running the mobile onsite welding business

I will show you step-by-step how I run the mobile welding business. Pretty straight forward.
I use my Google diary to keep track of my appointments every day. So easy and efficient. Enter in all the details of the customers, time worked on site, extra materials used, congestion and emmission fees and parking if required, (which the customers pay for).
My book keeper/accountant then has direct access to my Google diary. She goes in to look at my diary and invoices all the customers on a daily basis and writes in on the diary the invoice number so you can see when it has been invoiced. You hardly ever have to chat to her. She chases up if you have any late payers and very efficient. So easy.


Website hosting fees

Fisrt page Google position

All the welding equipment is paid for:
200 amp Petrol welder/generator
Inverter technology 200 amp ARC welder. 240 v

Inverter technology 145 amp ARC welder. 110 v
200 amp AC/DC TIG welder. Dual voltage plus 2
gas bottles
110 v transformer
Loads of extensions. 240 v & 110 v
Angle grinders. 7" & 9". 110v & 240 v
Drilling machines:
110v & 240 v
Fire blanket. Welding curtain.
Oxy Acetylene gas cutting gear
Mag drilling kit with around 20 different drill bits.

Aluminium extension ladder
Tressels x 2
Drill bit kit
Chemical anchoring kit
Masonary drill bits. Assortment
Clamps. Assortment

£15 pm


Van fully paid for.
Lovely van. An absolute pleasure to drive. Hyundai i800 people carrier. Automatic. 170 hp. Heated seats. 

Reasons why I use a people carrier as a van
Besides the comfort of driving her, heated seat, automatic, 170hp. Such a pleasure to drive.
I have a theory, which works perfectly. "Having a van = tools inside" sign writing or not. I have no sign writing at all. I have blanked off all the windows and fitted a divider behind the front seats. I also have an add on the back window promoting Magnetic Water Softeners. (One of my internet businesses) This makes it look like a taxi. Looking for a sticker saying Private Taxi to put on the back. The reason for all this is a deterant not to have the equipment stolen. Almost £10,000 of equipment on board. 1 ton in weight. It is all insured but one doesn't want to go down that route. 

What I'm offering you to be a successful mobile welder:
Assistance, showing you how to run your new welding business successfully

One of the services I offer is welder training skills. I have trained numerous students with very satisfying results.

If you are not totally proficient at welding, I will gladly offer my services to get to you to the standards I work to. I've mastered upside down, vertical up and down welding. Which rods to use for what applications.
Easy when you shown how to

Pipe welding skills. This is something else I have mastered in finding the technique of welding pipes with a track record of NO LEAKS for over 4 years now welding oil, water, gas and steam pipes. I will show and teach you how to master this skill as well. Very easy once you see how it's done.
Simple, easy techniques

If you are not a coded welder, I will show you an easy, very inexpensive way of becoming a coded welder 

How to produce welding certificates on completion of welding projects.
I have a template which you copy and fill in all the details. Very straight forward

The new businesses I am working on are all internet based so I will go out with you every day to help you until you feel totally comfortable in running your new business on your own. I can break away from time-to-time but still be in the background to assist you whenever needed

I will introduce you to all my regular customers

Your mobile, land line numbers and address details will be changed on the website so you recieve all incoming calls

You take over my van and all it's equipment contence

It's not difficult to run this business at all. All you need is a smart phone, which most of us have anyway, but, saying that, it's not essential. I find it easier but you could just as easily do without one. Sometimes it's handy to be able to email a customer on the run from a mobile phone but there again, I could show you how to carry a small laptop in the van and connect it up to a mobile wifi unit which I have set up for myself

Oxy acetylene training and welding courses. This something I have recently (Past 4 years) started doing too. All you do is hand out material/literature which I will give you. Show/teach students how to weld or train them on safe use of oxy acetylene gas cutting. You sit and talk for the day and go home early. What a pleasure. Easy days work.
I will train you how to do all of this. Easy stuff. Don't get daunted by all of this. Like everything in life, once you get familiar with it all it's plain sailing from there on.
I've had tremendous success with students when training them to weld proficiently. Given me enormous pleasure to see how well they pick up the skill/art of welding. Their comments have been, "it's because of the way in which I teach them that makes it so easy for them to pick up and understand the skills". One particular time with 2 students who had never welded before in their lives. If I had taken photos of their welding test pieces and said to anyone, that is the work of someone who has been a welder for the past 10 years, you would easily have believed me. 


The success of running this business is very simple. Obviously you need to know what you are doing.

I very seldom quote to do work for customers. I give them my hourly rates and an estimate of how long I feel it should take. I will teach you to get a feel for this. Easy to work out. I work as fast as possible and give my customers an honest days work. 

Aluminium and stainless steel welder training. If you are not proficient at welding aluminium and stainless steel then I could teach you these skills too. Aluminium welding is my favourite. I seem to have a nack in mastering the art.

I will guide you to not accept certain types of work. Personal experiences. Very handy to know. Makes life a lot easier

The turnover and net profit is a lot higher than most people expect


Additional income:

That excludes working late hours. Time & a Half.
Welding bicycles on the way home or on weekends.
Excludes working weekends
. Double time.
Excludes fitting in 3 callouts from time-to-time per day. I often earn over £700 in a day.
If 2 of you buy this business (or look at employing a proficient welder to work for/with you) you halve the purchase costs and double your income together plus your overheads DO NOT double. 
I have been increasing my prices at the beginning of each year by 10% and still can't keep up. Considering inflation is not running at 10% that's pretty impressive. Been told to increase my prices even more by numerous people. Tricky ballance there. Factor that into your calculations too when looking at the purchase price.

Contact me, the owner:
Deon van Rooyen

I might not answer my phone or get back to you as soon as you would like, so please email or text me instead. I am so busy I struggle keeping up with all the work coming in. Tough situation to be in :-)

Land line: +44(0)3336663213



If you click on the email link below I will respond to you ASAP





Deon van Rooyen 

Mob: 07745 775 212

Tel:   0333 666 3213


United Kingdom


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Deon van Rooyen

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Award in Welding Skills
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Mobile Onsite welding services welding aluminium, stainless steel.....all metal welding services

Cracked Bike Frame - mobile welding services, coving a 55 mile radius from Hammersmith, London
no traveling feesTraveling fees added, if further than 55 miles from Hammersmith, W68LU

Covering areas around UK:
Cambridge, London, West London,
North London, Luton, Baldock, Stevenage, Bishop's Stortford, Harlow .....

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