Easy aluminium welding

Easy DIY Aluminium Welding - Soldering

EasyAluWeld™ are appointed agents for aluAgent, formely known as AL85PLUS

Aluminium casing stripped thread welding repair

Aluminium TIG Welding

EasyAluWeld are appointed agents for RSI, the company behind this amazing product called aluAgent, formally known as AL85PLUS

List of RSI / aluAgent
corporate clients:

Continental Teves AG
The Railways
GKSS Research
Hilti AG
Mann + Hummel GmgH
Technical universities and institutes

Here are some examples of what can be done with EasyAluWeld

Aluminium Soldering Techniques

Aluminium casing stripped thread welding repair
Aluminium casing stripped thread welding repair

Cast aluminium welding repairs
Cast aluminium welding repairs

Motor cycle aluminium kick start welding repair
Motor cycle aluminium kick start welding repair

Solder Two Pieces of Aluminium TogetherMotor cycle clutch lever repair
Motor cycle clutch lever repair


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The Easiest Way to Weld Aluminium

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Any Tips on Soldering Aluminium

Aluminium Soldering Kit

All you need to get started:
Propane/Butane gas blow torch and a stainless steel wire brush (which you can get from your local hardware store or plumber supplier)
1 meter of aluAgent -
EasyAluWeld welding wire

Easy aluminium welding

EasyAluWeld are appointed agents for RSI
the company behind this amazing product called aluAgent
formally known as AL85PLUS

A new technique to thermally join aluminium and most other non ferrous alloys!
Also refered to as, aluminium soldering

Simple steps: Follow our Do-It-Yourself aluminium welding guide

How to weld aluminium 

  • Clean the item to be welded by removing all substances using a wire brush, ensuring the surface is free from any grease and foreign particles

  • Using a propane/butane blow torch, heat up the item to be welded to 380ºC - 400ºC

  • Once melted, spread the aluAgent - EasyAluWeldaround using a flat screw driver or similar tool

  • Let the item cool down slowly. Do not use water, to cool the welded item down 

Pure aluminium melts at 660ºC
aluAgent - EasyAluWeld™ melts at 380ºC - 400ºC
In other words, you can't mess it up
Just Do-It-Yourself

It really is that easy, to weld aluminium

Please Note: We do however advise
Not all aluminium welding applications are suited to using
aluAgent - EasyAluWeld. It may well be better, in certain applications, to use aluminium TIG welding for better results.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice if you are not certain.
info@IngweSolutions.co.uk or phone Deon van Rooyen at: +44(0)333 666 3213 or mobile phone: +44(0)7745775212

For more detailed information check below. 

TÜV approved !          Made in Germany !

          Length of weld, per meter of aluminium soldering rod used

The Standard wire will weld up to 10 meters, the High-Stability 150 wire up to 8 meters, per 1 meter of rod used. In perfect conditions, it could be possible to weld 15 meters if the weld bead/filet is thin.
(This is totally dependent on the application of the work to be done and the amount of weld deposit you decide to leave on the weld joints)


Low working temperature – thus only the slightest or no deformation at all to the work piece
• Diffusion at a temperature above 420 °C
• Easy separation of the parts by reheating to 380 °C
• Joining of different alloys and materials of different thickness
• A seam up to 15 meters long can be produced from one meter of
aluAgent - EasyAluWeld wire (2.5mm)
• High joint strength of up to 2.6 times of aluminium
• Use of various heat sources such as laser, hot air, butane, propane, induction heating, etc.
• No special training or special tools are required
• Low purchase and handling costs
• No toxic waste – no waste disposal costs
• Free of lead and cadmium

Aluminium Soldering Instructions:

How to use aluAgent - EasyAluWeld

Fix and warm up the work piece to a working temperature of 380 °C. Use the
aluAgent - EasyAluWeld wire to check if this temperature has been reached on the work piece. Apply the aluAgent - EasyAluWeld wire to the joint as soon as it becomes liquid. Keep the wire liquid by a continuous heat supply during the procedure. Now penetrate the oxide layer of the work piece with a pointed object (screw driver, scriber, etc.) by moving it two or three times through the molten metal seam.
The oxide layer can be penetrated with ultrasound or laser in serial production. Continue to apply heat to the work piece to initiate diffusion. The molten metal starts to diffuse through the oxide layer at a temperature of approximately 420 °C.
Let the work piece cool down slowly after joining.

Fields of application:

Joining of aluminium, aluminium alloys and castings as well as zinc-aluminium
• Suitable for repairs, can be drilled, milled, turned or threaded
• Joining of a variety of different aluminium alloys
• Joining of materials of different thickness
• Filling of fissures in aluminium
• Cars, motorcycles, leisure, hobby, sports, technology, household and industrial use

Technical data:
Tensile strength:
Hardness (Brinell HBW 2.5/62.5):
Thermal expansion:
Working temp./melting point:
Melting point pure aluminium:

Heat resistance:
Made in:

up to 2.6 of aluminium
Rockwell B 55-62
up to 3 - 6 % (depending on the cooling process)
380°C - 400°C
240 °C
Test report B10-01760-A and B (TÜV NORD MPA GmbH & co. KG, NL Bitterfield)

Possible mistakes:
Temperature too low.
The oxide layer was not penetrated.

Important information
Pure aluminium
Non-hardening aluminium alloys
Hardening aluminium alloys

EasyAluWeld - AluAgent (AL85PLUS)
Aluminium oxide
Aluminium oxide becomes brittle at approx.
Diffusion starts at approx.
Thermal resistance of joined parts up to max.
Tempering (annealing) of the material in a furnace at approx.

Melting point
660º C
380º C
2050º C
300º C
420º C
240º C
240º C

Aluminium Soldering Which Type of Flux

There is no need to use any flux. All that is required is to penetrate the oxide layer of the molten aluAgent - EasyAluWeld™.
Surfaces treated with
aluAgent - EasyAluWeld™ are often harder than the base metal (aluminium).


Contact Deon van Rooyen:
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+44(0)7745 775 212

Easy aluminium welding repairs
Price Includes,
Postage & Packaging

(anywhere in the world)

Deon van Rooyen

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Here are some examples of what can be done with aluAgent - EasyAluWeld

Aluminium Soldering Techniques

Aluminium die cast welding cover repair
Aluminium die cast welding cover repair

Aluminium Repair
Aluminium engine block thread repair using our welding technique
Aluminium engine block thread repair using our welding technique

Aluminium tank welding repairs
Aluminium tank welding repairs

Aluminium tube welding
Aluminium tube welding

Propane_Butane gas blow torch aluminium welding technique
Propane/Butane gas blow torch aluminium welding technique



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